You would never guess we were in the middle of a heat dome when you look at these Norfolk Botanical Garden photos.

(and yes, me typing “heat dome” was not an error)

On the East Coast, we had a week or so of extremely hot temperatures. Every day the real feel was always 110°+

And of course, this was the week that I had 5 photo sessions… all outdoors.

This session for the Russell family was the last one that week, and they were total champs!

I’ll be honest, this was the only time that I’ve ever gone in the greenhouse at the gardens, and it has been the same temperature as outside!

Get to know more about this sweet little family in today’s blog!


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Norfolk Botanical Garden Photos

Tell Us a Little About Your Family

My husband John is separate from us most of the time due to his job as the Department Head of a submarine. I’m a Department Head of a comic con. All three of us like being outside and exploring nature while being together. We love movies, especially fantasy and sci-fi.

I am a stay at home mom most of the time, and try to take Lizzie out and about because she loves to explore.

She loves dresses, dolls, my little pony, planes, trains, and puzzles. A super inquisitive child, Lizzie loves to learn and we really enjoy reading her Baby Science books and Princess books.

All three of us have a library of our own, and she probably has more physical books than John and I combined.

I suppose we explore in nature and in imagination!


Describe Your Family’s Perfect Weekend

A perfect weekend would be one where John is actually home for the whole two days.

We’d spend Saturday morning doing something outside. Lizzie would take an actual nap and then the afternoon into bedtime we’d have a babysitter whom Lizzie adores while the John and I get massages and a dinner.

Sunday would be a day of adventures to the zoo, botanical gardens, or any area that Lizzie can run and play. We try to get to different areas when John is actually home since he doesnt get to go much. Living Museum, Williamsburg, Ocean Breeze, Children’s Museum etc are on our to-do list. Maybe ending with family watching a movie, or My Little Pony if Lizzie got to decide.


What’s One Unique Thing About Each Person

John: Wants to backpack more than he gets to and loves going to movies and comedy clubs. John is from the Midwest and is very proud of his hometown of Kansas City.

Meredith: Cat lady who juggles between books, and her nintendo switch while drinking tea.

Lizzie: Adventurer who will climb anything she can and loves people. John and I are pretty introverted so we’re not sure where that came from.


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