waiting in the airportWorking with the Operation Love Reunited organization, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a lot of homecomings for military families over the years, but nothing has ever worked out quite as awesomely as this Nashville airport homecoming!

Nashville Airport Homecoming

I was in Nashville in February for the Imaging USA conference and got to the airport super early for my flight home (that’s for the ride Cindy!), so I had something like 4 hours to kill before my flight, no big deal. When I went to check my bags, I noticed a lady and her kids holding a bunch of patriotic themed balloons. I had the fleeting thought, “I wonder if she’s here for a military homecoming?”, but was trying to get through security, so I let it go… I didn’t want to be that crazy lady in the airport!
So I’m casually strolling through the airport after getting through security and see that same mom and her kids rushing through the airport, breezing past me as if they are on a mission! I figured, what the heck, and rushed up to her, asking if she was there for her hubby, and she said yes. I told her I was with OpLove and asked Leslie if she wanted me to do pictures of their reunion and of course, the answer was yes! waiting at the gate finally back with daddy military homecoming
So we all waited for Matt to get off the plane and when he did, the homecoming couldn’t have been any sweeter!
In Leslie’s own words, “If that wasn’t divine intervention, I don’t know what is!  We were running late to pick up my husband (who had been gone since May of 2014!) and I was so nervous we were going to miss him coming in, turns out the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  Thank you for being nosy!” homecoming after deployment the longer the wait the sweeter the kiss
I always like to ask two questions to the wives who are welcome their husbands home and the responses are always priceless!
What have you missed most about your husband being gone?
Having my other half!  Being able to have someone step in when I can’t do it all!  Like I said, this was our 3rd deployment and they are never the same!
What are you looking forward to most with him being home?
The week after Matt left, Devon (our oldest) was placed with us as a foster child.  We will be signing “intent to adopt” paperwork next week.  I’m looking forward to growing together as a family and watching their relationship form, build and grow!
Leslie and Matt, I wish you and your family nothing but joy as you move forward together as a complete family! complete family after deployment