When it comes to the wedding day, there are SO many photos that you could ask for, some that you definitely NEED to have, and some that are… less than necessary. With that being said, I’ve put together what I think are the must have wedding day photos so that when you’re writing down all the photos that you want on your wedding day, this list can help you focus on the photos you actually need!

I’m going to break it down into a few separate categories, as well as timewise (how things would go on the wedding day).

Must Have Wedding Day Photos

wedding day tips

1) Getting Ready

Details Galore!

  • Wedding Dress and veil
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (jewelry, garter, cuff links, etc)
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Floral bouquet
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Engagement and Wedding Rings

Bridal Party Preparation (both bride/bridesmaids as well as groom/groomsmen)

  • Getting all dolled up (both girls and guys)
  • Putting the Dress On/buttoning buttons
  • Getting suited up/ tying tie/straightening cuffs

Bride and groom reading special notes/giving each other gifts

Last minute detail photos.



bride and groom first look

2) First Look

First Look with Parents (where Bride sees her parents/grandparents once she’s finished getting ready)

Groom Waiting (Patiently or not so Patiently 😉 )

Bride walking up behind the groom

The big reveal (bride tapping groom on the shoulder, groom turning around)

First reactions from bride and groom

Special time alone and first look portraits

Walking to the ceremony


walking down the isle

3) Ceremony

Ceremony Space (wide shot and detail shots)

Guests Arriving (always lots of joy!)

Walking Down the Aisle (family, groom, bridal party)

Bride Walking down the Aisle/Groom’s Reaction as he sees the Bride (especially important if there was no first look between the bride and groom!)

Founders Inn wedding ceremonyBride Being Given to the Groom

Special Wedding Traditions (sand ceremony, unity candle, washing of feet, etc)

Parents/Family reaction to wedding ceremony

Close up shot of Bride and Groom during vows

Exchanging of rings

First Kiss

Presentation of couple

Grand Exit

Guests reaction as bride and groom walking out

Bridal party pairs walking out of the ceremony

Congratulations for bride and groom from wedding guests


family formals

4) Formal Photos

Usually these photos take place right after the ceremony, and can be broken down into a few separate groups: family formals, bridal party formals, and bride and groom formals.

Family Formals

Large Group Photo (usually this is broken down into the bride’s side and groom’s side)

Bride and groom with parents (both individually and together)

Bride and groom with immediate families

Formal shot of parents and grandparents


bridal party ideas

Bridal Party Formals

Flower Girl and Ringbearer usually don’t have the attention span that older people do, so we knock those photos out first!


  • Formal
  • Fun/Silly
  • Details (pretty dresses/bouquets, matching jewelry, etc)
  • Bride with each bridesmaid laughing bridesmaids


  • Manly (they all just wanna look cool!)
  • Crazy/Fun
  • Details (matching socks, themed cuff links, etc)
  • Groom with each groomsman

Bridal Party Together

  • Formal/Traditional
  • Paired off with Person they walked down the aisle with
  • Include props/setting that are unique to the wedding
  • Fun/Action Shot (laughing together, jumping, group hug, etc)


blush themed norfolk botanical gardens wedding

Bride and Groom Formals

Beautiful Bride

  • Full length/close up shot
  • Sitting with bouquet
  • Detail shot of bride holding bouquet
  • Bride with venue in background

kiss on the foreheadHandsome Groom

  • Lounging against a wall
  • Buttoning jacket
  • Hands in his pockets
  • Groom with venue in background

Wedding Couple

  • Wide angle landscape shot
  • Close up snuggling
  • Walking and laughing together
  • Candid interaction between bride and groom
  • Bride looking at groom, groom looking at camera
  • Groom looking at bride, bride looking at camera
  • Intimate moments


lush and romantic reception

5) Reception

Woman's Club of PortsmouthWide Angle Shot of Reception Space

Complete Table Details

Table Centerpiece

Guest Book Table

Cake Table/Cake Detail Shots

Food/Signature Drinks

Wedding Favors

Grand Entrance of Wedding Party and Bride and Groom

Fresh Look PhotographyFirst Dances

  • Bride and Groom
  • Groom and Mother
  • Bride and Father
  • Guests looking on
  • Parents Reaction to Dances
  • Traditional Dances (money dance, religious dances, etc)

Toasts – Bride and Groom’s reaction to the speeches

Cake Cutting

Bride and Groom Feeding Each Other Cake

Bouquet/Garter Toss

Reaction from Guests who Catches Bouquet/Garter

Guests Dancing the Night Away/Everyone Having Fun

Grand Exit – Sparklers, Bubbles, Ribbon Wands, etc

Bride and Groom Last Kiss of the Night


Fresh Look Photography



That’s our list of must have wedding day photos – anything else you think is missing?!

We would love to help personalize your wedding day photo timeline so that you are able to capture all those beautiful moments during your special day! Feel free to reach out to us by clicking the { CONTACT ME } button here, or give us a call at 757-749-5350 and we will get rockin and rolling!