I am NOT going to start this monthly goals November edition by telling you that there are only 22 more days until Thanksgiving. And I am NOT going to start this monthly goals November edition by telling you that there are only 54 more days until Christmas. But what I WILL tell you, is that it’s a new month, and that brings us a clean slate and LOTS to look forward to 🙂

Fun Things Happening in the Month of November

November 6th – Daylight Savings Time (gotta start making those photo shoots start earlier!)

November 8th – Election Day, get out there and Rock the Vote!

November 11th – Veterans Day, remember to thank a Vet

November 12th – Magic Mutt Calendar Debut Party (can’t wait to see all the photos I did in print!)

November 24th – Thanksgiving, time to gobble till you wobble!

November 27th – Advent Begins (officially kicking off the Christmas season for most people)

January Goals List

Monthly Goals November Edition

Personal Goals

  • Holiday Prep – we’re doing Thanksgiving with my sister in law and I want to come up with some yumy dishes!
  • Keep kicking ass with my Fitbit – I’ve been doing really well with getting 10K steps in, fingers crossed I can keep it up (especially as we head into the holiday season!)
  • Bonfire and s’mores – I feel like we haven’t done this in ages and it needs to happen – especially since it’s finally cool enough to sit outside around the firepit with a glass of wine!

Business Goals

  • Yearly Business Retreat – I’ve got it scheduled for Thursday, November 17th (it’s on the calendar so that means it’s going to happen!)
  • Couples Posing/Workflow Class – this will be Sunday, November 20th, all the details will be on the blog tomorrow!
  • New Planner – Usually I wait until I can get the school July-June planner, but I just saw a new Photographer’s Planner that I’m REALLY thinking about getting!

So that’s what will be going on over in this part of the woods…

What do you have planned for the month of November? Any special traditions or foods your family has to indulge in as we launch into this special season?!