monthly goals listIt’s October and that means fall is in full swing and it’s time for another monthly goals list! As I sit here drinking my pumpkin spice coffee, I can’t help but feel like September is such a funny month because you spend all this time getting ready for back to school, then getting adjusted to school schedules, the changing temperatures, etc. And I feel like there’s hardly time to breathe, let alone focus on trying to go above and beyond what’s necessary.

You can check out my monthly goals list for September {HERE} to see what I was trying to tackle. I definitely didn’t get to everything, but one of my proudest accomplishments was organizing a beach family photo shoot for my entire extended family (17 people!). It turned out AMAZING and I couldn’t be happier with the memories that we made that day. Stay tuned for a blog about the canvas order that I will be sure to place in the near future 😉

monthly goals list

Since the weather has been much cooler this year, I’m going to focus on getting as many photos shoots done this month as I can. My weekends are already spoken for in October, so if you want to do a family photo shoot, I suggest you pick up the phone and give me a ring to snag any possible availability I might have!

I’m super excited for sweater weather and boots and scarves! I used to say that summer was my favorite season because I used to be such a beach baby, but now that I’m adult I think I much prefer fall. So many pretty colors, cooler temperatures without being super cold, lots of events and activities to participate in, and everyone is in a pretty festive mood!

monthly goals list

Personal Goals

Business Goals

  • Give students starting classes at MOCA all the tools they need to be awesome photographers!
  • Attend the Adventure Always conference in LA (eek, it’s gonna be awesome!!!)
  • Put together questions for mini business retreat
  • Rock out my last wedding of the year for my dear friend Tiffany (gonna try not to cry!)