I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s ready for school to be out! The kids are excited because they don’t have to go to school every day, but I’m excited because there is more flexibility in our schedules, I get to spend some quality time with my sweet little shrimpies, and there will be lots of fun outings planned! Since it’s a new month, so that means it’s time to start focusing on our monthly goals June edition – we shall see how it goes the first month that the kids are out of school!

Some fun things to look forward to this month:

  • National Donut Day – always the first Friday of June (it’s taking place June 3rd this year) you can go in and get a free donut!
  • Father’s Day – June 19th (have you gotten dad a present yet?!)
  • First Day of Summer – June 21st (hooray for the official kick off of the new season!)
  • National Camera Day – June 29th (get out there and snap a picture with your cell phone, film camera or DSLR!)

Monthly Goals June Edition

In addition to all the work that’s happening around here, we are also getting ready for a big family reunion out on the West Coast. My dad’s family all lives out in Sacramento, CA, so my entire family out here in VA (all 21 of us, with spouses and kids!) are flying out there to visit and spend time with our family in Cali! (god bless anyone stuck on flights with us!) I’m excited to see everyone, and can’t wait to get some awesome pictures – especially since they are throwing a 4th of July party with a pirate theme (aarrugh!). More to come on that next month 😀

January Goals List

Personal Goals

  • More fun – I made up a list of fun summer activities to keep the kids entertained, so one of my goals is to implement it and make some memories!
  • Prep flight bags for kids – I want to make sure all three of our kids have a backpack of stuff to keep them entertained on the cross-country flights. Any suggestions for what to pack?
  • Frame camera photo – Eric got me an awesome picture two years ago (right before we moved) and it never got framed/hung! It’s time to make that happen – maybe it’ll end up in the client area!

Business Goals

  • Spring Wedding Season Wrap-Up – We’ve got a few more spring weddings before we get a break, so rock out some amazing weddings with my favorite second in command (Eric of course!)
  • Submit sessions on TBL – I haven’t been good about this lately, I need to make it happen and am putting it on the schedule to spend an hour doing this tomorrow morning!
  • Send out email for the FREE Fresh Look Learning classes in June (details and sign-ups announced later this month!)

There you have it, my monthly goals June edition – what are YOU planning to get accomplished this month?!