You may or may not have noticed, but there was no goals list for July because (at the time) we were in California with all our extended family. The trip was a total blast, but it totally threw me off my work rhythm and I never seemed to recover sufficiently. I’m totally blaming it on the time difference, but at some point I have to pick up and move on – which is what we’re doing today! So this monthly goals August edition is sharing things that I want to do, a few things I need to do, and maybe even some things that I probably won’t get to do, but would be fun to try anyway.

Here are a few fun things to celebrate in August:

  • National Family Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • Book Lovers Day – August 9th
  • Left Handers Day – August 13th (awesome for me, especially since I’m left-handed!)
  • Senior Citizens Day – August 21st (go give a senior a hug!)

Monthly Goals August Edition

January Goals List

Personal Goals

  • Back to school shopping for the shrimpies – I’ve already started, but I really need to just go and knock the rest of it out!
  • Beach Dates – this sounds like a silly thing to strive for, but I haven’t been out lounging on the beach yet this summer (pretty sure that’s a sin!).
  • Cross more things off our Summer Fun List (August is gonna be a blast!)

Business Goals

  • Book new brides at the Endless Summer Bridal Show (love getting to hear about all the gorgeous weddings!)
  • Host a business of photography workshop (it’s free, more details coming on Wednesday!)
  • Tweak the website (you know, that thing that never quite seems to be finished!)

That’s what I’ve got on my plate for the monthly goals August edition. What are you gonna be striving for this month? Are you wrapped up in back to school prep like I am or still content to savor the last little bit of summer we have left?! I’d love to have you share with us in the comments!