When it comes to the world of blogging, most people would put this at the bottom of the list for “fun things to do”. Before I started blogging consistently, my posts were sporadic (at best), there was no focus/schedule, and I really only blogged when I had something to say… does any of this sound familiar?
Having blogged 3-4 times a week consistently since 2012, I want to let you know there is a better way! I want to share with you today how to get blog content to make blogging easy!


Don’t believe me? Read on to see my secret!

Get Blog Content to Make Blogging Easy


One of the things that has definitely made my life easier is having a blogging schedule (you can check that out HERE), so that I always know what I want to blog about in advance. So for me, here’s how my schedule looks to make blogging easy:

Monday – Wedding

Tuesday – Engagement

Wednesday – For Photographers/Business

Thursday – Family

Friday – Off Day (usually reserved for pre-blogging other posts)

Client Questionnaire

On of the best tools in my arsenal is the client questionnaire I send out to each couple/family after we do their session. Not only does it help me get to know a little more about who we are photographing, but it will certainly make blogging easy because you are having the client generate content for you! I have a few set questions I always send, but I always invite the couple/family to be as detailed as possible because the blog is really their time to shine and share about them and the ones they love!

Template Time-Savers

This ties in nicely with the client questionnaire, I definitely recommend having email templates saved and ready for use… this will save you so much time!

I am all about creating a personal relationship with our clients, and love getting to know all about them. But it doesn’t hurt that relationship by having email templates ready to go because it’s just making my life easier and providing a smoother experience for everyone. Plus by having pre-made templates that are ready to go, ensures that I don’t miss any steps in my workflow. A few examples of email templates we use include:

  • Welcome Email
  • Session Confirmation/Details
  • Sneak Peek Link
  • Photos Are Ready
  • Album Design Info
  • Pre-Wedding Info
  • And MANY more!

You can save hours of your life, and I definitely recommend this as an option! We will be going into more detail next week about how you can purchase our email templates and use them for your own business next Wednesday. Make sure to sign up for our email list below so you can take advantage of a special deal we will have and be the first to get in on it!


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