This fun historic Freemason session is everything we love about working with past clients!

Susan and Mike, thank you for trusting me (yet again) with your family. I love seeing what I can look forward to as my family grows, and seeing all the joy that y’all share! It is truly my honor to be able to capture this fun Historic Freemason session for your little crew!



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Fun Historic Freemason Session

WOW, where do I start??  My family…. right now it’s hard to describe.  In all my thoughts I couldn’t ever imagine how amazing and FAST this part of family would go.  With one son in high school thinking of college, one son in middle school thinking of… well himself, and the youngest in elementary school thinking the world has this big amazing place it’s difficult to get all five of together and on the same page.  We have learned as parents to divide chores and conquer.  As a mom my favorite is just all five of us being together, at home safe under one roof.  Meals can be a quick stop between jobs, meetings, school projects and sports but in that rare occasion when we are all together I love the conversations we have from the hearts of three boys at three very different parts of life.  As parents we beam, as brothers they can look forward and back with each other but all of us just sharing.  It’s hard right now getting us all to like the same place to eat, movie, or even a place to vacation but dinner time is easy, it’s something we NEED to do, so why not together?  Things are crazy, we have to work, really work at being together, stop and connect as a family.  That’s why I LOVE family photo day, yes DAY.  I make it a day from hanging together, photos and a nice dinner out.

I have had a love of photos for as long as I could remember.  It’s the one thing I made sure I did as a wife and mom every year, stop and just freeze that moment in a photo.  When it was just two of us it was easy, very easy.  Dress up, get a photo done, go out to eat, date night easy.  With younger babies a little more time consuming.  Find clothes, schedule a portraiture session around nap times, get them half dress so they don’t get messy walking through a mall, tell them no a hundred times wait in a waiting area, try to get us all smiling at the same time all while the little’s just want to go back to the waiting area to play with a dirty snotty toy.  As the kids are getting older then their tastes come into play, they now have a since of style and to stop and make mom happy for a photo isn’t at the top of the their list of fun activities. They remember those hard times at the portrait studios, but it’s the stress they remember of mom I think.  Now I’ve learned the trick, it’s not the clothes, the portrait studio, the meal after wards (well maybe a little about the meal too) but the time.
The time together.
I look at past yearly family photos and I remember the time we stopped to freeze that moment in time.  Maybe it’s because the kids are older and can dress themselves, do their hair, heck get in the car by themselves, family photo day is more enjoyable.  We do that: just stop and freeze a moment in time, together.  I think of the money too.  In the past some stranger, some big box company taking my moments in their hands, and felt the need to buy every photo they offered,as I would never get them back. Spending hundreds of dollars over many weeks, as sitting fee, $$ the day of picking out the photos $$$, going to pick up the photos $$$, emails later with more offers $$$, I fell for it spending hundreds by the end, on staged, stressed out family photos.  When we discussed going with an on site photographer at a location we were a bit scared. Where do we pick to go? What to we wear? What about the weather? Cost?  But going with Judith year after year has been AMAZING, FUN, do I say EASY. And the cost I feel is much less than the others. By the time you added the tons of useless photos I bought in bulk, Judith’s photos are priceless. The moments she has frozen in time are truly nothing less then amazing, gorgeous, and STRESS FREE.
OHHHHH I guess I went off topic……..
I guess to sum it all up…….. One day I’m going to miss this, so THANK YOU for helping us freeze our moment this year, again.
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