Hi there! We are Eric and Judith Soule, we love each other in that super disgusting way (sorry, we can’t help it!), and also have a passion for helping other picture lovers! Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with many photographers and helping them in their photography journey. There are certain things that always seem to come up, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions we usually get from photographers (or those wanting to learn more about their camera). We’ve worked hard to answer a bunch of them in this post, but if you don’t see something you need, feel free to browse our posts For Photographers or drop us a line via our Contact Me section!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Y’all Get Started?

Judith has been photographing professionally since 2008 where she got her start working with LifeTouch Studios. In 2009 she photographed her first wedding, and fell in love with the process!

Eric’s dad was a photographer in the Navy, so he’s always been surrounded by cameras, but it wasn’t until 2013, when he got a more formal camera education from Judith, that he pursued it seriously. Now we both work together to make magic for our wedding and portrait clients!


What’s Your Favorite Gear to Use?

Judith – Canon 5D Mark III and the 85mm 1.2

Eric – Canon 6D and the 50mm 1.2


What Is Most Important in Our Pictures?

JOY! We seriously believe that if it’s not fun, then why do it?!

We want to infuse our photo sessions with love and laughter, and the resulting photos are genuine, organic and real. 


Why Do Y’all Help?

Because we know that the photography industry will only improve if we build each other up, not by being catty and tearing each other down.

We believe that everyone can take beautiful pictures, you might just need a little helping hand to create that image in your mind.

We believe in offering mentoring and workshops (both free and paid) so that we can be a part of  someone else’s photography journey.


How Do I Get Started In Photography?

There are TONS of great resources to help you improve your picture taking skills! Aside from attending classes and workshops with us, you can find online resources: Creative Live, Digital Photography School, and FStoppers are a few of our go-to resources for taking better pictures!


Okay, but for real: How Do I Get Started with a Photography Business?

Each state has it’s own requirements, but in Virginia it’s fairly easy to set up your own photography business. We’ve got a blog post coming soon on this very topic!


Do You Guys Ever Teach Workshops?

We absolutely do – and they’re frickin awesome! We try and host both free and paid events for photographers of all skill levels to attend. We also offer one on one mentoring on everything from learning your camera, the business of photography, pricing for profit… and pretty much anything else your little heart can dream up to chat about. The best way to find out about new events we host is to sign up for our newsletter!


What Goes On When You’re Not Photographing?

Judith loves to read, get massages/manicures, and think of ways to spoil our three little shrimpies. She comes from an Italian background, so there’s always something delicious being cooked, and Judith spends way too much time browsing Pinterest for new recipe ideas!

Eric is really into gaming, teaching our two boys baseball, and working in his big 2 1/2 car garage (his space). On Sunday nights he can be found glued to the TV watching either The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

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