Ever wonder if there are do’s and don’ts for your engagement photo poses?

I mean, it sounds easy enough: go out with your fiancé, love on each other, laugh a lot, and BOOM!

You’ll have amazing pictures.

But for anyone who’s not a professional model (which, let’s face it, is most of us), the idea of having photos taken can be nerve racking.

You have to make sure that you’ve go the perfect hairstyle/location/outfits, and be able to act completely natural in front of the camera.

No pressure.

Lucky for you, we are here to make your life easier by sharing our top tips for engagement photo poses you should definitely do, and poses you definitely should not do.

And as an extra awesome bonus, we are showing examples of what most people do wrong, and then quickly correcting it with what you can do to elevate that pose!


Engagement Photo Poses: Do’s and Don’ts

Engagement Photo Poses


#1 – Sideways Smoosh

I know you can’t help yourself and just want to love the crap out of your fiancé (me too!).

But let’s finesse things a bit, shall we?

Leaving a little space makes it a better image, especially when lightly resting your forehead/nose instead.

You’ll still get those “so in love” vibes, without anything being smashed.


Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer


#2 – The (oh-so-romantic) Kiss

We get it, there’s nothing more dreamy than giving your sweetie a big old smooch.

But it doesn’t always translate well into a photograph.

Instead, make it a game and see how close you can get to kissing, without actually locking lips.

I promise, it’ll look a million times better (and probably create adorable smiles!).


Engagement photos posing ideas


#3 – Show off the Bling

I get it – you have that gorgeous, sparkly ring on your finger and want to show it off to everyone.

However, let’s see if we can’t polish that pose a bit and make it awesome!

You can see that a few small changes were made (Chris put his hand around her, Robyn angled her body towards him and held onto his lapel), and it totally changes the vibe of the couple.

 That way you can still show off your engagement ring, while still looking polished.


what not to do at engagement sessions


#4 – The Stair Smash

Hands down, the worst one – there is nothing attractive about boob-grabbing at your photoshoot!

If you want to feel cozy and connected to your sweetheart, let’s do it.

By angling Robyn’s body with her knees pointing to the side, getting proper posture all around, and changing the direction from straight on, we have a much more flattering photo on the right.


Engagement session tips and tricks

#5 – Snuggle Up

It’s not really fair, because Robyn and Chris are adorable in both of these photos.

But (as we’ve already learned) squishing body parts – especially the face – is a no.

By slightly turning the faces, we are able to show off both people in a more flattering light.

Also, it’s important to pay attention to all body parts.

In the first photo, Robyn’s arms on his shoulders feel a bit unnatural.

By lowering her arms, it gives the entire image a more relaxed feel.


Engagement Poses to avoid

#6 – Standby For Awkward

We get it – whenever you are in front of the camera you naturally think “what do I do with my hands?!”

It makes a big difference if you change your stance/where your hands are, how your feet are positioned, etc.

My rule of thumb – if it bends, bend it.

By creating different shapes and playing with angles, it will ensure that you look your best in photos.


Town Center Virginia Beach Engagement photos

#7 – Death to the Prom Pose

Unless you’re doing a pregnancy announcement, there is no reason that this prom pose should come out.

Leave it back in high school!

The second pose is so much more authentic, and even a little sexy.

Take the time to really ask yourself – am I going to cringe looking back at these photos in a few years?


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