Unfortunately for all of us, it’s February, which makes it very hard to be beach bound (as much as we all would like it!)… but that’s why I love blogging my sessions, because it can take us all back to warm, summer days and long quiet nights. Especially when I get to show off one of my favorite families!

military family beach babies beach bound

Look at Ava, she is always such a little ham!coral and blue outfits

Beach Bound

I’ve had so much fun thinking of different places we can go to take pictures each year when it comes time for the Carter family to do their annual family photos! We’ve done a variety of locations, but I’m a Virginia Beach native, so when Rosemary said she wanted to do beach photos, I was totally on board!

sweet little shrimpies beach bound

These pictures are a little extra special because Jeremy (her handsome hubby) is currently on deployment… again. Being dual military is hard on the family unit, but somehow after countless deployments, four kids, many moves, and life in the Navy; Rosemary and Jeremy have not only found a way to survive, but to thrive!

love to love you beach babes

Guys, thank you so much for trusting me with your little family year after year! I love watching the kiddos grow up and seeing the amazing little people they are turning into!
So here’s to more for all of us! More tea parties, more mud fights (although not at photo shoots!), more laughter (I mean real, belly laughs!), more snuggles together, but most of all, more love!

military couple in love military spouse love Fresh Look Photography

Eek! I am in LOVE with how the coral pops against the blue of the water!