baby loveI don’t do many newborn photo shoots, but I really do love baby love! I love holding and loving and cuddling those sweet little babies… and then being able to give them back ūüėČ So when my sister Marian had her first child Talara (check out her introduction to the world {HERE} ), I knew I would be able to get my baby fix¬†plus be able to give her and her hubby some precious pictures. I call that a win!

baby love tiny little girl

Normally I have clients come to my house so everything I need for the session is right at my fingertips (lights, props, blankets, etc), but since Marian had such a rough time after having the baby, I took a little road trip to Smithfield and set up shop in her living room.

purple butterfly baby naked newborn poses

The day we did the photos, Talara was NOT a happy camper, and made sure to let everyone know it. She definitely made me work for all of the pictures we got! But that’s okay, it just means that I got to spend more time holding and soothing the baby. She was so tiny! Even though I have two kids of my own, they are 4 and 8, so it’s easy to forget about how tiny they start out! How every little detail is perfect, and how they just want to be held and loved.

baby love sleeping beautymommy and me baby love

Mara came with me that day, so she decided that she wanted some pictures with the baby as well! It was so cute to see the two of them sitting there!!! Mara was so gentle with the new baby, and I know she is going to be such a great cousin to Talara.

meeting my cousin meeting the new baby