It’s the beginning of April and I can’t tell how how happy I am that the weather is finally getting warmer (yay!). This week is actually spring break for my kiddos, so I’m definitely feeling inspired to get outside and take a walk, or ride a bike! We’ll see what the week has in store for us! But for right this second, I’m going to concentrate on knocking out some awesome April 2018 goals.

April 2018 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Get back in the gym routine – I was going 3x a week, but have seriously slacked off the past two weeks, so after spring break, I’m hitting it again hard!
  • Take a walk – on days when I don’t go to the gym, I want to take a walk. Even if it’s just a quick walk around the neighborhood with the kids – gotta get out there.
  • Purge – I looked at my closet last night and realized how much stuff we are holding onto just because it’s been there for a long time…. time to do some spring cleaning around here!

Business Goals

  • Rock and Roll Instagram – I sat down and pre-planned two weeks out and it made life SOOOO much easier. Like, for real – a thousand times easier!!! So I want to keep doing this!
  • Creative Live Workshop in Seattle – I scored a seat to a workshop hosted by Davina and Daniel Kudish (aauugghhh!). I’m very excited to learn from these industry professionals, and fellow husband/wife wedding duo.
  • Launch Revamped Website – we’re working with the awesome guru’s at Formidable Tech, and we can’t wait to show off all the awesomeness we’ve created together!
  • Photography Classes at Virginia MOCA also start this month, so I’m ready to educate, entertain and inspire a new crop of photographers!

What’s on the list for your April 2018 goals?

Drop a comment below and let us know where your focus is going to be. We’d love to see what you are up to and offer you some encouragement! We offer one on one mentoring, and put together free events for photographers. You can always { Contact Us } for anything you need – even if it’s just a friendly face to say you’re on the right track!