It’s a new month, and we’re kicking off our April 2017 monthly goals with a bang! We’ve got lots of plans this month (including a family session on the beach for our little family of five!), so I’m gonna need lots of help for figuring out what to wear! I’m you’ll allow me to be selfish for a moment, I really want to find the perfect long, flowy dress for me to wear!


April 2017 Monthly Goals



Personal Goals

  • Work on my fitness – We’ve got our family photo session with Zoe Grant coming up later this month (eeekkk!!!) and I am SOOOOO excited, but this momma needs to whip her bum into shape…. Jillian Michaels here I come!
  • Get a bike for Eric and I – we’ve talked about it for a few months now, but we both really want to get bikes so we can do family rides with the kids. Plus I feel like this will help me with the above goal!
  • Healthy (tasty) meals – I’m Italian, so it is VERY hard for me to make meals that are healthy because I love all the flavors you can get from using fattening ingredients. So my goal is at least 4 new meals that taste delicious and are good for us!


Business Goals

  • Start Wedding Season – We’re kicking off the season this month with a wedding this weekend, and then lots of events (including one at the new Hilton on the Main in Norfolk!)
  • Business Book – Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World. I’ve said it before, there are no new ideas and it is hard to create something that is original. That’s why I’m excited to read this book by best-selling author Adam Grant as he explores what it takes to be creative and champion new ideas.
  • ARTini Photos – We need to knock these bad boys out this week so that the museum can have some kick awesome photos to show off the contestants for this year’s event (and having tried a few of the drinks, you’re not going to want to miss this one!).

So there you have it, our April 2017 monthly goals!

What are you going to be tackling this month?

Is there anything special you will be focusing on now that spring is in full swing?!