aloha forever wedding workshopLast fall (almost a full year ago!), I was sitting at my computer brainstorming upcoming classes/workshops that I wanted to teach at Virginia MOCA. There were certain ones that I knew I would do (like the stylized wedding), but my question was how to make it unique! I wanted to do something different, and thought that since we live in a coastal town, it might be fun to put a Hawaiian twist on it! Thus, the Aloha Forever stylized wedding workshop was born!

groom before the ceremony

I love this shot of the guys waiting for the bride to finish getting ready! I feel like it so accurately represents the man’s job not only at the wedding, but for the rest of his life: that he will be waiting on a woman 😉here comes the bride outdoor wedding ceremony outdoor wedding ceremony with this ring, I thee wed kiss the bride

tropical wedding ceremony teal and coral wedding virginia photography workshop

Even though this Aloha Forever wedding workshop happened at the beginning of wedding season earlier this year, it has definitely been a favorite when it comes to stylized wedding workshops that I’ve taught. Now whether that’s because the Aloha spirit is so close to my heart or not… I’ll never tell! But I had a great time working with some fabulous vendors to bring the idea of the aloha spirit alive here in Virginia Beach. tropical flower girlteal and tan suits coral bridesmaid dress handsome groomsmen tropical wedding party coral and teal wedding party coral and teal bridal party aloha forever wedding workshop Fresh Look Photography tropical wedding inspiration tropical bride and groom

I was SO in love with this gorgeous gown from Maya Couture!!! aloha forever wedding workshop Fresh Look Photography

The reception space was absolutely amazing, and between all the bright colors, big tropical leaves, and lighthearted, aloha spirit; it definitely felt like we were back in Hawaii! teal and purple wedding table teal ruffle cake aloha forever wedding workshop wedding stationery 2014-09-08_0031 aloha bride and groom stylized island wedding tropical wedding cake tropical themed wedding bride and groom cutting cake feed me some cake

Aloha Forever Wedding Workshop Vendors

None of this would have been possible without a team of fabulous vendors behind me:

VenueVirginia MOCA

Instructor, Event Organizer, Photographer: Judith Chauvette,Fresh Look Photography

Wedding Planner / Event Designer: Carla Walker, Touche’ Weddings & Events (VA Wedding Planner)

Florist/Linens: Tanya Seay Frazier, Graceful Designs

Cake Artist: Cakes by Crystal

Stationery: RSVP Stationery in Virginia Beach