Little miss Kaylee shows us how fun it is to be two and terrific!

The first time I met Colleen (Kaylee’s super awesome mommy), was when a friend asked me to take pictures at her baby shower. When Kaylee was born, I felt so special to be asked to take her newborn pictures. It’s funny because one of the things that sticks out in my mind is the fact that Grey (her daddy) didn’t want to take his hat off for the pictures. Now that I know him better, I know that he’s hardly ever without something on his head!


167206_1561745887072_3587383_n(she was such a cute little shrimpie!!!)

As Kaylee went through her first year, we did photos pretty regularly.

I saw her grow up, and was able to photograph all those precious milestones.

And lets face it, when you’ve got a subject as cute as this one, it makes the job really easy!


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Two and Terrific!

Fast forward a year, and little miss Kaylee turned two!


I can’t believe how quickly she grew from a tiny infant into a little grown up princess!
Kaylee, I love you and your little bowling ball head and am so happy that I was able to come and continue to document your story <3

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