Elise is one of my 2014 brides and I am really looking forward to celebrating that special day next year with her, fiancé Ryan, and their gorgeous twin girls!
However, the wedding day is a ways off, so Elise wanted to get some new photos taken for their 4th birthday, so we decided to do a twins photo shoot by the lake!

twins photo shoot


These two were a lot of fun! I think that the common misconception is that twins are the same in every aspect, but these two little ladies definitely had their own personalities. And big ones at that!
I love shooting at the lake near my house because there is something special about being around water. It captivates us and (for some) makes us want to just jump right in! The girls were dressed up so pretty that it wasn’t going to be a good day to go swimming, but we did manage to get some adorable photos of them goofing off and having a good time together.

pretty little girls smile for the camera twins photo shoot Sisters forever Two different faces Give me a huggie bear


Since Mara was off of school that day, she came along with us to the session, and was so patient! All she really wanted to do was play with the girls, so at the very end, we took a few of them all together. I love the photo on the right, I really wish I could remember what Mara was talking about, they all look so cute ūüėÄ

three little girls