As a Virginia Beach native (born and raised here!), I love that the ocean is a 15 minute drive from my house. Salty kisses and sandy toes have never been far away for me and it’s fun to spend your summer beach loving and lounging by the ocean – but not all of us have that option. I love getting to chat with families who vacation here in Virginia Beach, like the Nash family from PA.

Get to know a little more about this sweet family on today’s blog!



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Summer Beach Loving

Our family is fun, loving and a little bit crazy at times.  We enjoy spending time together, whether it’s at home in the yard, in a park or at the beach!
Chad is a big kid at heart and likes to play music and sing for the kids… at the piano, on the guitar, or just singing along to Disney songs.
Tasha just likes to teach the children new things and make each one feel special every day.
Avery loves to sing, dance, and wear her green skirt pretending to be Mowgli from Jungle Book!
Spencer loves anything that has to do with construction machinery. He could spend all day in the sandbox with his “diggers.”
Ella just adores her big brother and sister and tries to follow them and play with them.
Our perfect Saturday is being outside exploring new places like zoos, lakes, and parks with family and friends.
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