Sunset was the perfect time to capture this seaside personal branding session for the gals of StoneWear Ceramics.

When Erika – the founding artist – was talking about the vision she had for these photos, it always involved the sand and surf since the company is founded here in Virginia Beach, VA.

She create custom, ceramic replicas of bridal gowns where each piece is hand-built, and every dress is different — designed to celebrate the incredible woman who wears it.

“There are many interpretations of the bridal gown as a symbol, but to me, it embodies concepts of hope, love, and future promise. The wedding gown represents a profound choice to transition from a singular, individual existence to something larger and more open; a collective life and new chapter. It marks the ability to step forward, together, and forge a new path in the long line of legacy, creating a vast collection of new hopes, ambitions, and dreams.

For me, the wedding dress represents change—in its purest and most powerful form. It celebrates a promise that, in this world, you will never be alone.

Through StoneWear Ceramics, I aim to share my work in a way that helps preserve the powerful and wonderful memories that define our lives.”


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Seaside Personal Branding Session for StoneWear Ceramics

One of the best parts of working with Erika is the fact that I also got to know Patricia (her mother), and Amanda (her daughter).

Erika will often talk about how her team is fueled by family!

“It’s been incredible to experience this journey and grow a business supported across three generations of women from my family. My mom and my daughter; these ladies are my team!

From my mother’s handcrafted silk and velvet garment bags included with every sculpture, to my daughter’s design of the essential branding elements that help this business thrive, their creativity and dedication enrich the entire StoneWear experience and inspire me each day.

My family, who are here day in and day out, I love beyond words. I am grateful to have such support in my life, and such fierce friends in my corner.”


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