If you aren’t sure about props for your branding shoot – let me be the first to say: you NEED them!

With all the things that you have to think about when preparing for your session, props can seem like the last thing on your mind.

But let me tell you that this is an important step you don’t wanna skip!


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Props for your Branding Photoshoot: More Than Just Poses!

Alright, you’ve got the outfit nailed for your branding photoshoot – fierce!

But let’s be honest, sometimes striking a pose and looking fabulous can feel a little…awkward.

Enter the magical world of props!

These little guys can be game-changers, adding personality, depth, and a touch of “you” to your photos.

But before you go rummaging through your attic, let’s chat about choosing the right props:


1. What’s Your Story?

Think of props as visual storytelling tools.

What objects represent your brand and what you do?

If you are a baker, a whisk and flour-dusted apron are perfect.

A yoga instructor? A mat and calming crystals could work wonders.

What about Realtors? Using a set of keys and a “Sold” sign would be amazing.


2. Show Off Your Personality:

Don’t be afraid to get personal!

Love vintage cameras? A classic book? A quirky mug with a funny saying?

These can add a unique touch that reflects your personality and interests, making your brand more relatable.

Look at the items you surround yourself with already and let that be inspiration.

For myself, that would include lots of pink.

Surprise, surprise.

But it also looks like a custom champagne bottle, fun sparkly heels, maybe even a plant or two!


3. Keep it Cohesive:

While a random disco ball might be fun, it probably won’t scream “professional business mogul.”

Although I am of the opinion that disco balls are always a good choice!

Choose props that complement your brand aesthetic and go with your chosen color palette.

Think clean lines and minimalist objects for a modern brand, or cozy blankets and vintage books for a warmer feel.


4. Functionality Matters:

Remember, you’ll be holding and interacting with these props.

Make sure they’re lightweight, comfortable, and easy to manage during the shoot.

Avoid anything fragile or bulky that might become a hassle.


5. Don’t Go Overboard:

Props are great, but too many can be distracting.

Choose a few key items that complement each other and don’t overpower the focus: YOU!


Bonus Tip: Discuss prop ideas with your photographer beforehand! I would be happy to offer suggestions or access to additional props that perfectly fit your vision.


So, there you have it! With these tips and a little creativity, you can transform your branding photoshoot from pose-fest to personality-driven masterpiece with the help of some well-chosen props.

Now go forth and prop it like it’s hot!


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