Are you brainstorming ways to make your photoshoot pop? We want to help you rock and roll with a bunch of prop ideas for branding photos!

Personal branding is all about telling your story and showcasing what makes you unique.

To do this, we can’t just pick a bunch of random objects to have in the photos.

Ideally the items you incorporate should be things that you use in your daily life and business.

You can also incorporate items that are not necessarily used currently, but you want to make them part of your lifestyle in the future.

The thing to remember is: the more unique your props are, the better!


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Prop Ideas for Branding Photos

I want you to have props that will help you feel confident in front of the camera and help tell your brand story!


Lifestyle/Daily Routine Items

  • Journal and Pens
  • Teapot and Favorite Teacup (bonus points for matching saucer!)
  • Crystals
  • Makeup/Brushes
  • Favorite Coffee Mug
  • Best Business Book (or one you are currently reading)
  • Running Shoes/Yoga Mat/Workout Props
  • Pets – I love including 4 legged friends!
  • Sunglasses and/or Hat
  • Planty Plants


Tools of Your Trade

  • Laptop/iPad
  • Sticky Notes
  • Paper Planner and Pens
  • Office Supplies
  • Glasses (or Bluelight Glasses)
  • Cell Phone


Industry Specific

  • Dress form (for tailor)
  • Camera (for photographers)
  • Instruments (for musicians)
  • Keys (for realtors)
  • Headphones/Microphone (for podcasters)
  • Florals (not just for florists – flowers always add a pretty pop!)
  • Scissors/Thread/Fabric (perfect for a maker)


Food and Drinks You Love

  • Wine/Cocktail
  • Type of Tea/Coffee (bonus points if you get photos and can tag the business!)
  • Colorful Ice Cream Cone from Local Business
  • Favorite Type of Cuisine


What Products Do You Sell?

Make sure to bring along the product you sell so we can incorporate them into the photos.

If you don’t sell a physical product, then bring marketing pieces like business cards or print out digital material that you send to clients.


Celebration Station!

There is ALWAYS something to celebrate, and you want to be ready with awesome photos!

Whether it is a business anniversary, winning an award, celebrating a birthday, here are some things you can utilize celebration photos for:

  • Cupcakes
  • Confetti (I feel like this should be included even if you aren’t celebrating anything) ????
  • Party Hats/noisemaker
  • Balloons
  • Champagne


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