I am so excited to share this Norfolk Freemason photo shoot!

Megan initially contacted me to do a combo family/business headshot session.

As soon as she mentioned the words wine and glitter, I knew it was going to be a perfect fit!

We got beautiful photos of her family (I mean, just look at that gorgeous pink tulle skirt!!!), and had fun roaming around the Historic Freemason district in Norfolk.

Then the real fun started as we broke out wine, glitter and girl talk.

Megan shared a bit about her heart behind creating the Inspired Women Podcast, and how she wants to change the world!

Get to know a little more about these lovelies in todays blog!


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Norfolk Freemason Photo Shoot

1) Tell Us About Your Family

Our family didn’t become one until Jeremy & I met at a wedding October 2010. At the time I was single mom of two daughters, Carmelle & Lillian, and Jeremy was a single sailor with no kiddos. When I told him, I had two kids I surprised him a bit. That didn’t stop him from pursuing a relationship with me. Jeremy said he knew the girls and I were a package deal. Our courtship was short and sweet within two months we were married and only a month after found out we were pregnant. Most people didn’t think we would last but we are 7 ½ years married and still going strong. Less than a year after getting married we welcomed the twins, Audrina & Cameron. Life has been chaotic ever since. As a military family and a blended family sometimes, we must experience prolonged separations. Those separations make us cherish the times we do have together. Sometimes our unique family structure brings interesting questions but we try to teach the kids that family is family. The words step or half aren’t in our vocabulary. We are the Hall family even if not everyone has that last name.

2) Describe Your Family’s Perfect Weekend

We have a variety of people in our family. Some of us like to read, some of us like video games, some us like the beach, and some of us like staying at home. Our perfect weekend would be one spent together. Everyone would get along, we would enjoy some yummy food and some awesome movies. One thing we all enjoy is a good movie.

3) What’s One Unique Thing About Each Person

Jeremy has some amazing movie knowledge. When we are watching TV he will be able to tell who directed what and who appeared in which movie. If we don’t know where we saw an actor or actress before he can usually point it out to us. Carmelle is super creative. She can free hand draw the most amazing pictures just by looking at something. For the kids birthdays she drew their favorite super heroes. Carmelle is always wanting to try some new artsy thing. Lillian is the animal whisperer. She gets along with animals of all kinds. Even some of the most unfriendly animals love Lilly. She’s always loving on some new animal friend. Audrina is very meticulous. When she learns something, she likes to learn it to perfection. At a young age Audrina would do her best to learn how to color or write carefully. She really cares about the things she does. Cameron is a sponge. He can learn things so quickly. Even his teachers are astonished by his ability to pick things up so fast. Cameron is a big reader, reading at two grade levels above his own. I am willing to share almost anything to help others learn and grow. My mantra is “If it helps just one person I did my job.” Sometimes this requires extreme vulnerability. It’s my way of contributing to the world.


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