I had the best time with Jamie and Lindsey at their Norfolk Neon engagement session!

It’s been a while since I’ve headed to downtown Norfolk – let’s face it, the arts district isn’t for everyone.

But when we first started talking about different places to take pictures and Jamie was describing what she wanted – I knew that this location would be perfect for her and her fiancé Lindsey.

One of the best parts of this session was the fact that it was a secret.

Lindsey knew that the session was happening, but only knew a date and time.

When these two wonderful women pulled up, Lindsey couldn’t stop remarking about how much she loved all the colors (me too sis, me too!).

Get to know more about these two sweethearts in today’s blog.


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Norfolk Neon Engagement Session

How did you two meet?

We met on the dating app Tinder in 2020. If we’re telling the truth, quarantine had us feeling kinda lonely!


What did you do on your first date?

Our first date was meeting at a park. The two of us ran around the playground and awkwardly tried to figure out if we liked each other.


What are some of your favorite things to do together?

One of our most favorite thing to do together is to travel!

Lindsey and I both love finding new vacation spots and taking any chance we get to vacation from the real world.

As avid movie lovers we are always up for a new film, even though we have pretty different tastes. I’m a horror movie buff, and she’s the hopeless romantic.

If we are being honest, I have to admit that the two of us spend most of our time spoiling our fur children and making sure they live their best lives!


When did you know she was the one?

From the moment we met, we were inseparable. We fell in love and never looked back!


Tell Us Your Proposal Story?

Jamie first proposed in the middle of a pride march in New York City in June of 2021!

Lindsey proposed a few months later at a beautiful skyline rooftop restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fun fact, that is where we plan to move soon!


If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be?

Our word would have to be Acceptance.

Both os us have lost a lot being in a lesbian relationship, and it was essential to both Lindsey and me that we would not let our worth be based on what others thought.

We love who we both are and have accepted who we are and would not change it for anything.


What are three dreams/goals for your marriage?

~ Our dream is to continue our loving relationship and create a wonderfully accepting and loving home for our future children.

~ The two of us aspire to continue communication and accepting change as we inevitably grow older and change as people.

~ We hope to live long, happy lives together and continue making more memories together!


Tell us what you’re looking forward to most on the wedding day.

Lindsey and I are both looking forward to sharing a private ceremony where we can focus on starting a new exciting life together.


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