Not only are we sharing how to plan a branding photography session, we are also showcasing a ton of fun photos!

The kick-awesome ladies of the Create/Captivate team headed to Selfie WRLD to create new social media content.

Not only will this post give you valuable tips to get ready for your own personal branding session, but will also give you ideas for ways to prep, ideas for what to wear, and props you can bring.

Read on for all the fun!


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How to Plan a Branding Photography Session

Wardrobe Consultation

Bring an entire suitcase – I promise I won’t judge ya!

When it comes to what to wear, there are lots of options, so my goal is to help you figure out what to bring.

Beyond simply choosing something that is flattering and “on brand,” I always recommend that clients choose 3-5 outfits from dressy to casual. Depending on your profession, you can tailor your wardrobe to you/your industry.

Formal outfit options could include – a suit and tie, dress pants and a blouse, or a dress and heels. These types of images are important to have as a headshot for speaking engagements and for more office-related jobs.

In between options could include – pants and a top you love, or a flowy dress and sandals.

Casual options could include – yoga/workout clothes, jeans and a tee shirt, or a cozy sweater.

Bringing layering options (such as a blazer/vest/scarf, etc) will also give you a variety of options for different “looks”.


Location Suggestions

Whether we head to your office space, studio location, home office, or local landmark or coffee shop – we are going to come up with places that fit you perfectly.

If you are coming up blank for where you want to take pictures, we have lots of places I can suggest.

Here are some of the places we’ve done client sessions:

  • greenhouse/nursery
  • staged home (especially popular with realtors!)
  • coffee shops
  • yoga studio/gym
  • outdoors in a city space (such as Town Center or Downtown Norfolk)
  • library
  • office space (like Gather 757)


Props/Tools of the Trade

What things do you utilize in order to do your job? Bringing things that you actually use can give viewers a cool “behind the scenes” look at you and your process. Here are some examples:

  • Florist – bring flowers, vase, scissors/knife they use to prepare flowers, packaging, things used when delivering flowers to clients, etc.
  • Yoga Instructor – bring yoga mat, strengthening blocks, mediation tools, blankets, oils, etc.
  • Realtor – house keys, thank you gift, “sold” sign, branded tee shirt, etc.
  • Author – notebook and pens, laptop, favorite books, office supplies, etc.
  • General Props – coffee cup, phone, daily planner, letterboard, products you sell, etc.


Pamper Yourself

Part of how to plan a branding photography session means indulging in a little bit of pampering beforehand.

I definitely recommend that you get your hair, makeup and nails done before the photoshoot.

Getting all glammed up will not only make you look like a million bucks, but will also send your confidence sky hi!

Clients should get their nails done the day before, and hair/makeup done the day of the session.



We’ve done a lot of prep work to get ready for your photoshoot, now we just need to work out a timeline.

Typically, our personal brand sessions last anywhere from 90 minute – 2 hours.

During that time we can utilize 1-2 locations, incorporate your photo props, and wear a bunch of different outfits.

In our timeline, we can decide what photos are taking place where, that way we can make the most of our session together.


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Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

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