Today we are spilling the tea on how to create an inspiration board for your branding photoshoot!

This is not something that you need to stress out about.

Let’s work together to create a successful mood board to make your photoshoot amazing!

We will draw inspiration from lots of different sources like photos you love, favorite colors/words, and visuals that match what you are hoping to convey with your brand message.

To start, I recommend creating a Pinterest board, and you can include just about anything that strikes your fancy (especially photos that you want to emulate) to help you define the direction of your personal branding photoshoot.


How to Create an Inspiration Board for Branding Photos

Step 1 – Get Inspired

Whether you are picking up the latest issue of your favorite magazine, or cruising Pinterest – find images that speak to you. Look for photos, colors, fonts, styles, etc that makes you happy and is what you want to strive towards.


Pinterest inspiration


Step 2 – Create a Collage

Whether it is a physical board (hello craft time!) or creating a digital board on a site like Pinterest, it is a lot of fun to find things that light your heart on fire! Start by pinning images to your board that represent the look you are going for. This can be photos with a similar feel, color palette, or have an aesthetic that you like.

Make different sections for outfit inspo, colors you love, and poses you want to try.



Step 3 – Review

Look at your mood board on a regular basis, update the images you have or take away things that no longer seem to be in alignment with your vision.

When you come across a post you like on social media or any other site, save it to your mood board.

This is going to be a valuable tool so that you can share with everyone who is helping bring your vision to life (such as makeup and hairstylist, graphic designers, etc).


Virginia Branding Photographer


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