Wh-hoo, I know you will love this cozy autumn engagement session we did for Amanda and Andrew!

We headed to one of my favorite woodsy photoshoot locations and had fun playing in the gorgeous weather.

One of the best parts of doing an engagement session is that I get to know more about the couple, and learn about them as an “us”.

So I invite you to do the same, and get to know these lovebirds in today’s blog!


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Cozy Autumn Engagement Session

How did you two meet:

We met back in 2016 when we were both working at Harris Teeter. I was working as a personal shopper and Andrew was working in the dairy department. We became close acquaintances because I was constantly asking him to check in the back for things that were out of stock on the shelves! We didn’t become close friends until he left Harris Teeter in 2017, and on his last night working there, Andrew gave me a large Mason Jar that I needed for a school project and that was when we finally exchanged numbers. We have loved Mason Jars ever since because they’re the reason we kept in contact- and thus our love blossomed!


What did you do on your first date:

it was a really down to earth date. We went on a walk around a lake and then had some burgers at 5 Guys!


What are some of your favorite things to do together:

Andrew and I love cooking together, going on walks, going on weekend trips to go to concerts, and spending time at home watching TV with our cats.


When did you know that the other person was “The One”:

There wasn’t exactly a definitive moment. We just knew that we felt most at home when we were with each other and that feeling grew into love and keeps growing more each day.


Tell Us Your Proposal Story:

We were on vacation in Luray, VA for our 4th anniversary which was on July 1, 2021. We arrived on June 26th and the next day was spent hiking in the mountains. After dinner, it began to rain so we went cleaned up the deck and went inside to play some board game as the rain passed. As the rain was started to lighten up, I was in the mood to try some local ice cream! While putting on my shoes, I looked out over our deck that overlooked the whole town and saw a full, vibrant rainbow, end to end. I ran outside and was sooo happy to see my first full rainbow! Andrew followed me and amid my joy, he got my attention, I turned around to see him on one knee asking me to continue going on adventures with him for the rest of our lives. I started crying the second I saw him kneeling so I don’t remember much aside from him telling me I make him happier than he has ever been and that he wants me to marry him. My ring was everything I had ever dreamed. My stone, a moissanite, is originally from meteorite and it ties in my love of space and getting engaged under a rainbow perfectly fits into my love of the sky. Later that night, after we got the ice cream I was craving, we were on the phone with Andrew’s mother and we saw a single shooting star stream across the night sky. What a perfect day!

If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be:


What are three dreams/goals for your marriage:

Watching our future children grow up, having a family dog, growing old together.


Tell us what you’re looking forward to most on the wedding day:

Amanda: I’m most looking forward to dancing with everyone and #BecomingAQueen!!
Andrew: seeing her walk down the aisle.
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