When life hands you an opportunity (like the chance to do a Cavalier Hotel personal branding photoshoot) – then you take it run ahead full tilt!

I think everyone knows by now how much I adore working with Gari-Ann from The Kia & Co.

We have a very similar personality, and when we get together to do photos – it’s always a blast!

I love that I can bounce ideas off of Gari-Ann – she is such a supportive friend and business buddy.

See all the fun we captured at the Historic Cavalier Hotel in today’s blog.


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Cavalier Hotel Personal Branding Photoshoot

The whole reason we ended up at the Cavalier, is because I was doing my annual business retreat there.

You can check out all the awesomeness we were up to during those three days {HERE}.


At this point, Gari-Ann and I get together about once a quarter to do new marketing photos for each other.

It’s nice because we get to hang out and have fun together, but it also gives us entirely new content for the next quarter (whoot whoot!).

Usually we always try and do somewhere new (to keep the images we create unique), and the past few times, Gari-Ann has suggesting renting the Historic Post Office to do photos there.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE that venue and think it would give us wonderful social media content… but (apparently) I’m an ass-hat and always suggest somewhere else for us to do photos instead.

But like I said, you have to take advantage of opportunities when you have them.

And after getting permission from staff at the Cavalier Hotel, I knew we had to make a session there happen!


Gari-Ann – thank you for always being amazing and being on board with whatever crazy ideas we cook up together!

I appreciate you so much, and am happy to have a sweet business babe like you in my corner!


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