Today we’re tackling the question, what the heck is the difference between Business Headshots vs Personal Branding Photography?!

I mean, they both capture a photo of you, right?

And don’t get me wrong. Business headshots have their place, but does it really convey who you are, what your business does, or how you practice your art?

Today we will explore the difference between these two types of photography, and help you decide which one is right for you and your brand.


Business Headshots vs Personal Branding Photography

First let’s break down what each of these things are:

Navy Head Shot

Business Headshots

Business headshots are about marketing, branding and the business of your industry.

They are a visual representation of your competence and reputation – generally erring on the more serious side.

Business headshots tend to be very simple.

They are usually plain, with a single background, showing the subject’s head and shoulders.

These portraits are a good way to show your face, and let your followers/clients see who you are.

Typically headshots are used for professional websites, LinkedIn profiles, or “About Me” pages.

Don’t get me wrong – these types of images are not the worst things ever.

I would much rather see a business portrait on your profile, than a snapshot from the family BBQ last year.

(you know, the one where you’ve got your arm around an ex, so you had to crop it awkwardly)


These types of photos definitely serve a need.

However, they definitely fall short in conveying to your audience who you really are, share your personality, or give people a look at what you/your brand sees as important.


Business Headshots vs Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography

Personal Brand Photography is much more … well, personal. And these fun photos really show who you are.

This type of photography can elevate your brand and share your unique story through photos.

These photos are much more varied.

We always make sure to get a great headshot, but also including “lifestyle” images as well.

They typically show you doing your job, details of your product/service, client interaction, various locations important to you, and personal elements.

It makes your job of standing out in the crowd much easier, because you are leveraging YOU and what you do to create awesome content for your business.

The uses for your photos are practically unlimited: on your website and across all social media channels, emails, social campaigns, magazine work, etc.


Virginia Personal Branding Photographer Personal Branding Photography in Virginia

Personal Brand Photography photos fun personal branding session Personal brand photography session Virginia Personal Brand Photography


So How Do I Know Which One to Use for My Business?!

Both types of photo sessions will yield a useable image for your business.

However – if you really want to draw people in and make them raving fans – then Personal Branding Photography is the way to go!

Another bonus for choosing brand photography is it gives you months of social media content.

No more struggling to figure out what photo to use for ever post!

But one of the biggest reasons personal brand photos are awesome is because it builds trust between you and your audience.

Having fresh, updated photos of you going about your day, interacting with your products/clients, or even sharing some of your personal life are great ways to showcase your expertise, create trust, and build stronger relationships.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

The more you share of yourself, the more you increase the know-like-trust factor!


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