It’s always been on the to-do list.
I mean it!

I’ve wanted to start blogging my sessions for a long time, not just post a few pictures to FB. Because in a typical photo session with Fresh Look Photography, I take LOTS of images (upwards of 70 or 80!), after whittling those down to the “keepers”, I still have lots of great images from the session that most people never get to see.

So now what I’m going to *try* and start doing is blogging photos from each session that I do.
It’s a little bit for prospective clients, a little bit for me to show off, but a LOT so I can showcase the gorgeous images for my clients who are trusting me with a precious task: capturing and preserving their memories, one photograph at a time.

This first photo blog is dedicated to Megan and Jeremy. I’ve had the pleasure of calling Megan my friend for almost two years, when the Navy brought us together through a shared deployment. Ever since then, we’ve been thick as thieves, and when Jeremy got back he always keeps us laughing with his snarky jokes and comments.
He is getting ready to deploy again, so it was my pleasure to take these two out and photograph for them last weekend.

I wish them the best of luck as Jeremy leaves for the open seas and Megan heads back home to the great republic of Texas <3

Enjoy the photos!