So we’ve all done gone to the big name portrait studios for family photos. Everyone stands in a certain spot and tilts their head a certain way and voila! You’ve got your own unique family portrait… just like everyone else.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with studio portraits. I have a full studio set-up and there are a lot of fun photos you can take! But studio photos are a bit overdone! For your next photo session, why not take it outside?! No matter what kind of setting you’re interested in, there’s something to please everyone. Below are some of my favorite places to take clients, but I’m always willing to go somewhere new if you have a suggestion!

Beach: whenever clients ask for a beach photo session, I always take them to the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier because there are a few different areas to photograph. We go onto the beach, under the pier, so you get the pylons in the background, there are some funky blue steps to pose on, and a grassy/fenced area.

A few other options: Rudee Inlet down by 1st Street, Buffs Garden at 47th Street, Oceanview Fishing Pier in Norfolk.

Garden: for this one, it’s a toss up: either Norfolk Botanical Gardens or Redwing Park.
NBG is awesome because it’s GORGEOUS, you can’t go there and get a bad photo! There are literally acres of gardens to wander and take photos on, and the settings are so varied. Plus since the garden is open all year, there is continually something pretty blooming or an interesting plant to pose with.
The only downside is that there is a fee for each person to get into the gardens (check with NBG for current pricing).

Redwing Park is a Japanese style garden and because it’s so shaded you can do photos pretty much anytime during the day without having to worry as much about harsh lighting. This garden offers several different locations for photographs including a pond, rocks, sandy area, woods, cherry blossom trees… and the list goes on!

A few other options: Chesapeake Arboretum, Norfolk Pagoda, Mount Trashmore.

Architectural: if stonework is more your thing, then I suggest Regent University/Founders Inn. They offer lots of unique areas to take pictures including a big stone bridge, lots of brickwork, and a huge fountain; all within walking distance on the campus.

Another place that I’ve heard great things about is Windsor Castle in Smithfield.

I hope this entrygave you some ideas for your next photo shoot! Fall is a great time to get out and take some family pictures, so be sure to take advantage of the temperate weather and beautiful locations!

Have an idea for a place you’d like to take photographs? Leave a comment and let me know so I can share with everyone!